Envolve Award Greece Competitions

For yet another year, Envolve Award Greece managed to receive and review hundreds of quality applications, which articulates the dynamic growth of the Greek entrepreneurial spirit. This year we announced 10 finalists.

Collaborate Healthcare

Collaborate Health Cloud is an AI powered modern patient management & collaboration tool,  facilitating diagnostic and communication tasks.

Kostas Saridakis, Collaborate Healthcare

Finclude brings a pan-European credit score, which is based mainly on the transactional behaviour of individuals and not so much on credit events, as it has been done to date.

Ioanna Stanegloudi, finclude



Grekaddict.com is a travel experience platform that redefines corporate culture, offering innovative experiential employee rewards, client gift cards and team building activities.

Souzana Theodoridou, Grekaddict.com

Guestflip is a Guest Analytics and Reputation Monitoring platform for hotels. 




Our vision for Inagros is to be a cornerstone in the development of the farmer and the agronomist.

Vasilis Laskos, Inagros

A new type of jewelry which offers unprecedented customization possibilities. 




With ParkAround you can park easily, quickly & cheap! ParkAdoro is the easiest ERP system in parking market!

John Katsiotis, ParkAround

Rodi Immune helps balance the immune system to prevent miscarriages. On the other hand, Rodi Balance improves egg quality by regulating female fertility hormones.

Barbara Geladakis, Rodi Pharmaceuticals

Rodi Pharmaceuticals


Spaceprk makes searching and booking easy, by matching owners to renters in search of unique spaces for parties, film productions, work events, and more.

Zeta Nikolakopoulou, SPACEPRK

We provide wedding services included in a smart digital app for modern couples and innovative digital services for wedding vendors.

Ioannis Konstantinidis, Weddin