Synergies for a sustainable fashion sector

Boosting innovation and business-creation in the fashion industry focusing on sustainability.

We match fashion designers with start-ups and tech-savvy SMEs.

Using design driven methodologies to transfer knowledge and promote digital skills development, sustainability uptake and creation of business opportunities.

With the contribution of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union under the Call for proposals: European Cooperation projects Small Scale CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-1

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The Problem

The current state of the fashion industry: uncertain,changing and challenging.

Indeed, the fashion industry is undergoing dramatic transformations, from digitization and the rise of ‘see now, buy now’ fashions, to brands redefining the function and timing of fashion weeks, and increasing levels of global integration and competition (Crewe 2017) as well as sustainability challenges.

Similar to many industries of today, the fashion industry predominantly follows principles of a linear economic model. Large amounts of resources are extracted from nature, quickly manufactured into clothing, worn on average just a few times before being disposed of, out of which 73% ends up in landfill or is incinerated (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).


Our Methodology

A transition to a sustainable economy and tech-enabled fashion industry


Design thinking tools and approaches can make fashion SMEs more responsive to changes, resilient and open to sustainable methods, technologies and new business models. HTF builds a new culture of innovation, facilitating collaboration and contamination between different fashion companies, and connects traditional fashion designers and SMEs with tech-enabled fashion.


Bridging the knowledge gap, HTF educates enterprises to implement innovative processes by making technology accessible. HTF offers design-driven innovation processes in a positive, safe and guided context. The platform is a new environment that enhances the innovative and resilient spirit of enterprises guaranteeing access to tools and knowledge about technological opportunities.

Our Tools

Service Design for your sustainable and digital transition

31 tools to promote more sustainable and digitalized business models.
Service Design methodology for sustainable fashion through 4 steps: Understand, Define, Make, Release. For brands, startups and SMEs, which create or design fashion products and services. 
These tools were curated amongst hundreds of service design tools by the ecosystem.

Our goal was to design a methodology and adjust the available tools targeting the fashion industry, supporting their transition into sustainable and digitalized models.

Sustainability Toolkit

Digitalization Toolkit


Is this program for you?

Fashion Designers & SMEs

HackThatFashion targets fashion designers and small and medium fashion companies in Europe. Through learning and applying design thinking methods and tools, fashion designers will be supported
to practice and build concrete results towards technology and sustainability integration and adoption.

HTF is a cross-sectoral platform where the fashion idustry will connect with the technology and innovation industry at carefully curated hackathons and matchmaking sessions.

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The Consortium

A diverse consortium with a strong presence in European creative industries, sustainable fashion, technology and business.

Envolve Entrepreneurship (GR)

Envolve Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship support organization, founded by the Libra Group, that provides resources, education and award programs for startup businesses globally. The organization encompasses the former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) – programs which have declared 61 winners since 2012, supporting job creation and economic growth in Greece and the USA. Striving for a global society where all business owners can prosper and grow, Envolve is committed to developing and cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems, by ensuring business support services are more readily available to diverse entrepreneurs.


Istituto Europeo di Design - IED (ESP)

IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) is an international group with a proudly local outlook and 12 campuses in 3 countries: Italy, Spain and Brazil. IED is the largest Higher Education Network in the creative field to have maintained a global outlook and a deeply Italian cultural matrix, since 1966. Our educational experience has changed over time but continues to be based on a simple and effective model: we combine theory with practice and knowledge brought into the classroom by professionals from the world of work. We teach our students to be one step ahead, in the present. We are an inclusive, transdisciplinary school that uses design as a universal language for change.


Tartu Centre for Creative Industries - TCCI (EE)

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (Tartu Loomemajanduskeskus/LMK), founded by the City of Tartu, has been operating since 2009. LMK is the regional development centre of creative industries. It functions as the coordinator of creative industries in Tartu and South Estonia by providing information and training programmes as well as legal and economic consulting for creative entrepreneurs.
LMK is a business incubator offering pre- and incubation services for both would be entrepreneurs as well as already existing companies in creative industries. 




With the contribution of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union under the Call for proposals: European Cooperation projects Small Scale CREA-CULT-2021-COOP-1.

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