Retail & Fashion

About Athena Dementas

Athena Dementas has acquired compelling negotiation expertise through effective communication and analytical skills contributing to a unique and flexible qualification profile. Athena is proficient determining how to maximize profits, reduce costs, and recognize its vitality to the bottom line while at the same time remaining focused on the overall customer experience. Her strong ability to interact with people on all levels contributes as her greatest quality.

About Veltio

Veltio automates and optimizes data-driven retail business processes with best-in-class software and services. We are the largest integrator of Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization worldwide.

Services Provided to Envolve Award Greece Winners

Athena Dementas will offer Envolve Award Greece winners Retail Business Consulting as it relates to financial planning, assortment planning, supply chain execution, world markets, effective interactive communication.