Shipping – Logistics, Food & Beverage Industry, Marketing- Branding, Education, Sponsoring, Telecommunication, Information, Technology,
Finance/Accounting/Credit, Law & Legal, Hotel & Tourism, Restaurants & Drinking, Establishments,  Athletic Coaching/Fitness, Human Resource, Management.

About Coaching2Perform

Coaching2Perform (C2P) is a web platform, headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, exclusively designed for providing a unique approach to business coaching, training and mentoring services to small, medium and large companies and organizations.

The team of associates of C2P is well chosen and consists of experienced coaches, mentors, trainers and professionals from different backgrounds, niches, and industries to match the needs of their clientele around the world and provide personalized services. Dedicated to helping companies and organizations they stay on the cutting edge of developments by bringing together the best team of experts to meet their strategic goals.

By creating a truly transformative program to provide in a very short period of time the tools, skills, and self-mastery to operate at a sustainable, yet a high level of performance.

Services Provided to Envolve Award Greece Winners

Coaching2Perform stands next to Envolve Entrepreneurship and offers complimentary mentoring and coaching to the winners of Envolve Award Greece.  They offer support and help the startups in all the fields for sustainable growth, risk management, marketing, budgeting, leadership, and soft skills on performance and development. Moreover, they train teams or individuals to work in the most efficient way, establish procedures for every part of the Operations in compliance with company policies and vision, so the end goal is achieved in a stress-free way.

In addition, with the help of the inspirational speakers of C2P, they organize lectures in Colleges and Universities to inspire young people to adopt a successful mindset for their future development and successfully contribute to society