Goal-setting, Strategy, Performance Enhancement on personal and team levels, Soft skills development, Efficiency Improvement.

About Natalia Deligiorgi

A certified professional coach (ICF), based in Athens, Greece, who’s all about Human Potential.

Natalia has coaching experience with entrepreneurs and businesses ranging from startups to well-established enterprises.

She is the co-founder of The Startup Elevator, a soft skills Academy for Startups.

About Performance Coatching Greece

PCG is a personal business that provides tailor made coaching services.  It is based in Athens and has an international clientele.

Services Provided to Envolve Award Greece Winners

PSG will provide bespoke Coaching Services with special emphasis on:

Making progress and delivering on specific goals.

Optimizing professional personalities by cultivating soft skills.

Developing strategies and solutions to get the most out of opportunities.

Dealing effectively with the ups and downs of businesses.