Funded programs, Incubators, Public Sector.

About Prisma Consulting

Prisma Consulting is a consulting company providing services in the following areas:

Funded Programs
Prisma Consulting, aiming to integrate solutions for all types and sizes of businesses, provides consulting services for the integration of a business into subsidized programs. Typical examples are the Development Law, the PA (Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework) and Co-funded Programs.

Prisma Consulting is one of the first companies that deal with incubators’ organizations, operation and support while supporting entrepreneurship in Greece.

Public Sector
Prisma Consulting has many years of specialized experience in providing high level support services to public sector structures and organizations meeting their organizational and operational needs.

Services Provided to Envolve Award Greece Winners

Prisma Consulting will provide the following services to each Envolve Award Greece winner:

  • Assessment of the investment needs of the winners in order to investigate the possibility of finding their funding from PA programs.
  • Find, advise, inform the winners about active & upcoming PA programs to which they can apply for funding their business.
  • Compensation and submission of the winner’s funding request to the selected PA program.