is an online platform that serves patients in need of treatment or an operation at a clinic, providing transparent information, ratings, costs and the option to book a treatment easily, while saving time and money.
Applicants: Vasileia Chatzistergiou, Liana Gouta, Thomas Chatzistergiou, George Hatzinikolaou, Konstantinos Chatzistergiou, Christoforos Moisiadis, Christos Tzelis, Niki Chatzinikolaou.

Our goal is to become the standard process for patients to book their treatment at a private clinic

Οι αξίες της είναι η διαφάνεια και η αξιοπιστία, η ευκολία, η προσβασιμότητα, οι επιλογές και η εμπιστοσύνη

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