CollegeLink is an online entry-level HR Job Board that connects talented young adults with job opportunities. CollegeLink is a “Candidate 1st” service that offers each young candidate the right educational and self-development tools in order to pursue successfully their optimal career path. Through CollegeLink, companies can attract and recruit the best next generation talents that match their hard skill requirements and unique culture.
Applicants: Stefanos Alkides, Imelos Yannis, Valerios Chatzigeorgiou, Elisavet Malo, Michalis Mavrommatakis, Anastasia Karagkiozoglou, Katerina Iliopoulou.

Our goal is to help young students and graduates, who have none or up to 2-3 years professional experience to find a new job


We help each job applicant and company to see only the information that is important to them


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