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1. The information that Envolve App Users and Envolve Award Programs Applicants make available, concerns the identification and the creation of key codes (username and password), as well as the business idea in the way described in the Envolve Award Programs Application form and the Business Plan Generator. In particular, personal data collected will be: name, e-mail, phone, age range, gender, sex, city, country (optional: website), name/title company and the business idea as it will be described/analyzed in the application form, as well as the name/title and e-mail of the Applicant’s team members (when available) and any supporting documentation.

2. Envolve may also keep records and copies of your correspondence if you contact us through our website or various forms of social media.

3. The controller of the data collection is Envolve. The processing of the information is performed by the Envolve Evaluation Team and Envolve Award Program Judges (Reviewing Team) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Envolve.

4. The purpose of the submission and collection of the data is the identification of Envolve Apps Users and Envolve Award Programs Applicants and to gather information relating to the business ideas that Envolve Award Programs Applicants wish the Envolve Award Programs Judges to consider. The data will be used for no other purpose.

5. Information shall be retained only until such time as funding arrangements are completed and signed by the Envolve Award Programs Applicants, in accordance with the Envolve Award Programs terms and conditions.

6. Other than to the Envolve Award Programs Judges, the details of Applicants or their business ideas will not be distributed to third parties.

7. Envolve Apps Users and Envolve Award Programs Applicants shall be entitled to access data held by Envolve, relating to the Envolve Apps Users and Envolve Award Programs Applicant and the Principal Team and Envolve shall observe all rights granted under applicable privacy and data protection laws.

8. Applicants shall have the right to have data held by Envolve, relating to the Envolve Apps User and Envolve Award Programs Applicant, deleted upon request to Envolve.

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