Student course


Student Course

Discovering and empowering the characteristics of the young entrepreneur

Empowering a New Generation of Responsible Entrepreneurs  

We are excited to announce the continuation of our student courses for the fourth consecutive year. The course has been digitally signed and bears the protocol number Φ.1/ΝΤ/38602-ΙΕΠ/127878/Δ7 by the Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs and Sports. 

Student Course

About the program

Students will learn about entrepreneurship and connect it to ingenuity, innovation and technology, while having the opportunity to create their own venture with tools and educational materials designed by Envolve Entrepreneurship.

Students cultivate the skills of communication, collaboration, effective time management, information collection-evaluation and presentation.

The program is addressed to High School (all grades) and High School (A’ and B’ grades) General Education students throughout the country as well as Greek schools abroad.


General info

At a Glance

Interest in participating

Useful material

Approval file

Approval of the educational program with Φ.1/ΝΤ/38602-ΙΕΠ/127878/Δ7 document of the Ministry of Education for the school year 2023-2024.

Teacher's Guide

A guide with basic concepts and guidance for the implementation of the project.

Educational Material

The training material includes the presentations and worksheets of the training programme.


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