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At Envolve we think differently. Envolve has a unique way of startup thinking and connecting with people.

Envolve envisions to accelerate founders and ignite innovation, through an open ecosystem founded on efficiency, transparency, and growth.

By bridging the gaps between today and tomorrow, we foster synergies that embody forward thinking, inclusivity, and sustainability.

In an industry filled with tech and numbers we look beyond them. We look towards the core reason of its existence… people. We help you get to your “why” and teach you your “how”, openly sharing with you and the world our in-depth understanding of everything “startup” and “innovation”.

Our goal is to identify and spread creative ideas, provide access to new opportunities, and empower teams to build the solutions of tomorrow.

About Envolve

Accelerating Founders. Igniting Innovation

Envolve Entrepreneurship is a non-profit startup support organization that has been at the forefront of global entrepreneurial support and innovation, since its establishment, in 2012. The organization envisions to accelerate founders and ignite innovation, through an open ecosystem founded on efficiency, transparency, and growth. Serving as an innovation hub, Envolve acts as a beacon of knowledge, offering cutting-edge upskilling, valuable resources, founders’ support, and impactful extroversion programs to the global community.  

Nurturing the next generation of global disruptors, Envolve re-introduces its flagship program, EnvolveXL, building upon the proven track record of the former Envolve Award Greece. In Greece, it has fuelled the growth of 37 businesses and has injected over €6,000,000 into the economy, while fostering job creation and economic welfare. Placing founders at the heart of its mission, it provides holistic support for early-stage startups, equipping them with the essential resources they need to foster innovation, drive sustainability and create local job opportunities, guiding them from conception to investment. 


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It takes a village to raise a child 

Meet the people and organizations, who have been an imperative part of our journey and the success of the businesses we have supported.  

Advisory Board 

Strategic partners, industry insight, and advisors drive value in ecosystem programs. 


Funding, pro bono services, and advocacy from international organizations.  

Industry Experts 

Experts serve as our programs' judges, mentors, and ambassadors 

Our story


Launch of HEA

The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) was founded by Libra Group, on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative. HEA was founded amidst the Greek recession out of a belief that entrepreneurship should be accessible to all – whether within a thriving economy or during a recession. Motivated by faith in Greece’s intrinsic creativity, grit and determination, the initiative aimed to inspire and champion established and new entrepreneurs. HEA offered interest–free funding, mentorship and business support services.  



The First HEA Ceremony

In April 2013, the first Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony took place, celebrating entrepreneurship in Greece and announcing its first 4 winners. The organization also launches its first entrepreneurial education activities.



The American Entrepreneurship Award is Launched (now Founder Forward 

Following President Obama’s call-to-action to support entrepreneurship and job creation in underserved communities, Libra Group creates the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA ), which is modeled on the successful track record of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award.. 



Envolve Entrepreneurship & the first Envolve Award Greece are Launched

The HEA joins forces with the AEA, under the umbrella of Envolve Entrepreneurship. Its mission is based on 3 pillars: Education, Resources and Awards. Envolve launches its first “Envolve On the Go” tour, under the pillar of education, visiting over 17 Greek cities, hosting 50 speakers and attracting hundreds of participants, facilitating the development of the Greek startup ecosystem. 



The 1st Student Entrepreneurship Contest is Launched 

Envolve launches its first program for middle school and high school students. The Panhellenic Student Entrepreneurship Competition, with a focus on Sustainable Development , is certified by and organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. Envolve’s vision is to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs, who design services and products with respect to future resources. This led to the first four-hour entrepreneurship course to be held in public and private schools in Greece.  

Responding to the pandemic, Envolve creates an open-source database, “The Entrepreneur Resilience Kit”, including resources, tools, network groups and discounts offered by the global startup ecosystem and contributes to the first policy paper by the Greek startup ecosystem directed at the Greek government.   



Elevate Greece & EU Innovation Projects 

As one of the leading innovation agencies in Greece, Envolve participates in its first transnational and European Innovation projects, offering business and acceleration services. Envolve also actively supports the development and launch of Elevate Greece, the first national startup registry in collaboration with the Ministry of Development and Investments and the General Secretary for Research and Innovation. 

Skill Up Forum 
Envolve in partnership with the Hellenic Manpower Employment Organization launches the first Skill Up Forum for employment and entrepreneurship, a series of seminars and workshops related to vocational training and entrepreneurship, upskilling and reskilling based on current and future trends, as well as networking events.  



10-Year Celebration  

Envolve celebrated its 10-year presence supporting Greek entrepreneurship and innovation during the Envolve Award Greece 2022 ceremony, hosting prominent speakers from the Greek government, private sector and startup scene. Throughout this decade, Envolve Award Greece has fueled the growth of 37 businesses and has injected over €6,000,000 into the economy, while fostering job creations and economic welfare. The event was attended by hundreds of participants and watched live by thousands viewers across the globe. A true celebration of resilience, forward thinking and growth mindset.  



Introducing EnvolveXL - The New Flagship Program 

Building upon the proven track record of the former Award programs, in Greece and the USA, Envolve introduces its new flagship program to multiply its impact in the ecosystem. In Greece, it has fuelled the growth of 37 businesses and has injected over €6,000,000 into the economy, while fostering job creation and economic welfare. Envolve XL, placing founders at the heart of its mission, provides holistic support for early-stage Greek-founded startups worldwide for the digital and sustainable transformation of the Greek economy. Envolve with the support of its Founding Sponsor, Libra Philanthropies, envisions to transform fossil fuel economies to an innovation economies.

Envolve USA is now Founder Forward 

Envolve USA, the U.S.-based sister organization of Envolve Greece, is now Founder Forward. Since their inception in 2015, the focus has been on advancing equity and diversity in the entrepreneurship ecosystem for under-resourced and underfunded BIPOC and female entrepreneurs. The new name, Founder Forward, and logo better reflect the organization's mission to support and propel the growth of diverse entrepreneurs.