Athlenda ( focuses on the optimization of athlete selection and development, primarily through offering equal opportunities to athletes from different socio-economic and regional backgrounds. It is an international online platform that combines scouting and networking features, bringing together athletes from all sports with individuals or organizations that can play a positive role in the development […]



BIO2CHP ( offers a container-sized power generator to industries with organic waste, converting it into energy for their own needs on site, at an average price five times lower than the grid. Unlike existing alternatives, BIO2CHP facilitates a reduction in energy and waste-handling costs with an investment payback period within 1.5 years. A prototype has […]


B.L.T. is an innovative company that provides luxury road transportation and professional photography for tourists. Customers travel with ease and comfort in VIP people carrier vehicles to their chosen destination and the company’s expert photographers capture the entire tourist experience. On their return, customers download their photographic memories from B.L.T.’s digital platform ready for sharing […]



Carealia ( builds smart monitoring systems to assist in the care of dementia in homes and nursing homes. Interconnected devices, such as wearable and ambient sensors, combined with intelligent algorithms and clinical knowledge, support doctors and nurses to accurately and reliably assess patients’ symptoms and behaviour patterns, leading to effective interventions for improved care and […]


e.SENSIS ( is a disruptive, low-cost, easy-to-use security system for smart homes, commercial spaces, containers, etc. Its fully wireless, state-of-the-art infrasound detection technology was developed by Infitheon which holds a patent in Greece (EU patent pending). e.SENSIS is expected to gain a prominent position in a market that will exceed $3.5 billion in the US […]



Fieldscale ( simulation software provides answers to the most critical questions raised during the design phase of any electrical hardware product, from smartphones to electric cars. Fieldscale’s technology delivers results ten times faster and helps engineers create safer, more efficient products and minimize production costs. Applicants: Vasso Kalaitzidou, Yiorgos Bontzios, George Bouzianas.



Sentio Solutions has developed Feel (, the first ‘Emotions Tracker’. The smart wristband monitors an individual’s mood changes throughout the day, while the proprietary algorithms recognize particular emotions. At the same time, the mobile application synchronises with the wristband to track mood shifts, and offers advice and exercise ideas, based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to […]



A floating platform designed to provide reliable wind and environmental evaluation for developers of offshore wind farms. The system helps determine available wind supply and the analytical data generated supports the entire wind farm project lifecycle. View finalist, FloatMast, on Youtube. Applicants: Antonis Peppas, Theodore Papatheodorou.



A new and innovative food company that delivers delicious meals in few minutes. Forky’s experienced chefs use fresh ingredients to prepare up to two meals and one salad for each of its customers every day. Orders can be placed online via a website or mobile app in just three clicks. Forky delivers the order in […]



The world’s first internet platform designed to eliminate energy poverty through energy donation. Individuals and corporations are able to share or donate units of energy to friends, family or people in need. Gridmates’ software platform enhances billing services for energy utilities and contributes to customer assistance programmes. View finalist, Gridmates, on Youtube. Applicants: Dr.George Koutitas, […]



A technology platform that allows participants in the ‘sharing economy’ to extend their online reputation from marketplace to marketplace. Additionally, it provides sharing economy users with the intelligence to distinguish between those who can be trusted and those who cannot. View finalist, myTQ, on Youtube. Applicants: Makis Levis, George Georgaras.



A personalised, subscription-based after school tutoring platform developed by eLearning Industries Ltd. The technology enables students to learn better and faster than conventional study methods and can be deployed on any device in any location. adapts its tutoring methodology in real time according to how each student learns, thus contributing to schooling and exam […]