Joolify shapes jewelry needs in style by offering innovation, personalization and sustainability options to our customers.

At Joolify, we not only highlight this idea by giving our users the exclusive opportunity to play with their joollions on all joolets, not only appeal to all genders with the same products, not only ensure lifelong operation for our innovative jewelry, but also connect all the above with a pioneering achievement in sustainability.

Every time a customer buys a new joollion from us, it’s like recycling at least 10 aluminum soda cans!

Periklis Galanakis, Konstantinos Karaterzis, George Kazakos,
Anthony Chelidonis, Alexandros Argyriadis, Nikos Pechlivanidis, Panagiotis Chatzisavvas, Ioannis Ioannidis, Stamatis Aronis