Advancing eye health through AI-driven tools and analytics, enhancing and democratising global ophthalmic care.

The vision for RELAYER is rooted in advancing eye health through the transformative power of AI-driven technology. The company envisions a future where ophthalmic care is universally accessible and standardized, overcoming the challenges of inconsistent diagnostic tools and specialized expertise. By leveraging AI algorithms tailored for retinal image analysis, RELAYER aims to democratize eye healthcare, starting with research institutions and expanding to healthcare providers worldwide.

RELAYER is envisioned as more than just a consultancy; it’s a scalable platform offering cutting-edge analytical tools and services to improve patient outcomes. By partnering with research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, RELAYER gathers invaluable data to continuously refine its AI algorithms, ensuring precision and efficiency in diagnostic procedures.

Through this innovative approach, RELAYER sees itself revolutionizing ophthalmic diagnostics and treatment, setting a new standard for patient care. The vision is clear: to harness the power of technology and data-driven insights to enhance global ophthalmic care, ultimately transforming the landscape of eye health for the better.

Team: Georgios Lazaridis, Giovanni Ometto, Giovanni Montesano