Geomiso is the world’s first ‘isogeometric’ analysis and 3D design software. The company develops, markets and supports 3D design and engineering simulation software used to design products and predict how they will behave in real-world environments, without having to build test products or conduct crash tests. This is the world’s first two-in-one 3D design and isogeometric analysis software, which merges computer-aided design with computer-aided engineering into a single procedure, thus empowering engineers to deliver faster more accurate results with no geometric errors.
Applicants: Panagiotis Karakitsios, George Karaiskos, Athanasios Leontaris, Panagiotis Kolios, Stella Skrivanou, Alexandros Karakitsios.

Geomiso is the first software internationally, that combines two different fields, enabling us to design an object with any geometry and material and simultaneously test for its durability.


Envolve will bring us closer to our vision, and will allow us to efficiently utilize the opportunity we are given to distribute this hybrid software, first in the world, as Greeks.


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