Which are the most common e-commerce mistakes for you to avoid?

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The most common e-commerce mistakes for you to avoid

1. Complex Navigation and Poor UX
Your ecommerce website should be a collaboration between functionality and design. Not only do you want your website to look good, but you want it to convert users into paying customers.
2. Choosing the Wrong Ecommerce Platform|
Your ecommerce platform can truly make/ break your business. The last thing you want is to choose a platform that limits your business growth, one that doesn’t integrate with your existing systems, or offer the level of control and customization that you want.
3. Website Content isn’t CRO or Seo-friendly
Each piece of content is a chance to drive more traffic and convert customers. From your Homepage to your Product descriptions, you have to offer content that is on point for your target audience, is well-optimized for search engine traffic, and convince users to buy your products.
4. Complicated Checkout Process
Unfortunately, this is a time where a lot of ecommerce businesses see abandoned carts. This can occur for so many reasons — mainly the checkout process is only simple confusing.
5. Poor Customer Service
You should be accessible to your users and customers at every step of your sales process from acquiring information to checking out, to follow-up. This ensures that they don’t have any issues, or if they do, you are able to resolve them quickly and professionally.

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