Envolve, a new global entrepreneurship support organization, seeks to cultivate the next generation of business leaders through education, resources, and regional awards

New non-profit organization integrates Hellenic and American Entrepreneurship Awards and promises to reach wider international communities in need of economic stimulus

Washington, D.C. – March 7th 2018: Envolve, a new 501(c)(3) entrepreneurship organization, aims to serve as a catalyst for investment in early-stage businesses by providing entrepreneurs with easy access to capital, knowledge and resources. Poised to serve entrepreneurs globally, the organization will cultivate the next generation of successful entrepreneurs and recognise the best examples of entrepreneurship through regionally focused award programs. Envolve has been created by the social responsibility division of global conglomerate, the Libra Group. It integrates the Libra Group’s former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) programs which have declared 35 winners since 2012, supporting job creation and economic growth in Greece and the USA.

Envolve’s mission rests on three pillars: education, resources, and awards. The non-profit organization will provide education for start-up and early stage businesses, and leverage partnerships that increase availability of entrepreneurship resources, in the hope that individuals are better positioned to make a competitive application for one of its awards.

Envolve will offer knowledge and resources to global entrepreneurs via its website and at events and workshops hosted by established entrepreneurs and industry experts. Business support tools available via the Envolve website include the ‘Business Plan Generator’, a step-by-step online guide to creating a business plan, and the ‘Entrepreneur Toolkit’, a suite of downloadable business and finance guides for first-time entrepreneurs.

To expand its award programming across the globe, Envolve will identify underserved local communities each year and operate regionally focused entrepreneurship awards that recognize innovation, local job creation, and sustainability. Winners will receive funding, mentorship and a range of business support services. The awards are open to experienced and budding entrepreneurs and the application is very straightforward via Envolve’s secure website (www.EnvolveGlobal.org).

Envolve builds on the track record of the HEA and AEA programs. HEA was founded by the Libra Group on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative in 2012. Its impact in Greece demonstrated how the targeted provision of education and resources can empower entrepreneurs. HEA award winners have achieved consistent commercial growth, creating hundreds of direct and indirect jobs amid Greece’s prolonged economic downturn. In 2015, Libra launched the AEA, identifying Miami-Dade County in Florida and the Bronx in New York City as worthy targets for a similar entrepreneurship award program focused on demonstrably underserved communities.

For 2018, the Envolve Award Greece (formerly the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award) will be open to all new Greek businesses, and Envolve Award USA (formerly the American Entrepreneurship Award) will be open to entrants from multiple communities across America, including Miami-Dade County and the Bronx. Registration via the Envolve website commences on Wednesday 7th March in Greece with the Envolve Award USA opening for entries in late spring to early summer. Winners of both awards will be declared in the summer of 2018.

Commenting on its launch, Christopher Upperman, CEO of Envolve stated: “Our experience has shown us that entrepreneurship is vital to long-term economic growth and sustainability. We want to continue to aid the incubation of new ideas and provide a boost for early stage entrepreneurs. The HEA’s track record — and that of its sister program, the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) — has provided an opportunity for us to scale-up and go global. Through our three pillars of education, resources, and awards Envolve aims to empower aspiring business leaders throughout the world and to make a tangible difference in underserved communities”.

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To learn more about Envolve, please visit www.envolveglobal.org.

Envolve is a 501(c)(3) organization that strives for a global society where all business owners can prosper and grow. The organisation is committed to developing and cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems, by ensuring business support services are more readily available to diverse entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the Libra Group, please visit www.libra.com.