Why does your business need to hire the right marketing leader?

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The reasons to hire the right marketing leader

1. A handful of marketing agencies and freelancers would be unproductive
Without a strategic marketing plan or leader to guide these efforts, your partners work in silos on separate projects without clear direction. Experienced marketers know how to vet agencies and freelancers, choose the ones you actually need, manage these relationships, and align all partners toward marketing and business objectives. You’ll get more out of your external partnerships when you have a marketer to steer the ship and course-correct as needed.
2. There are a lot of ideas but no strategic filter to pass them through
Your team might have endless ideas for what it could do to market your offerings. But these efforts will be ineffective if you don’t align marketing activities to a plan and your business objectives.
3. Only keep up with the marketing trends that suit you
A marketer can keep your business up-to-date on trends, techniques, and technologies and assess which of them are essential to implement to keep your company competitive. If you’re using the same rinse-and-repeat marketing plan each year, you’ll fall behind competitors and miss opportunities to engage your audiences.
4. The winning combo
Hiring a Fractional CMO with a marketing coordinator or manager can be a powerful team combination. Fractional CMOs provide strategic, senior-level leadership and can ladder your marketing efforts to your business vision. Simultaneously, they can coach, mentor, and develop the marketing coordinators and managers to bring clarity, focus, and accountability to day-to-day marketing execution. Hiring a Fractional CMO on a part-time, flexible basis creates quick impact with less risk than hiring a full-time CMO.

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