INFO DAY: EVOLVED-5G Accelerator

INFO DAY: EVOLVED-5G Accelerator

  • The Info Day will host partners of the EVOLVED-5G Project and 5G technology experts.
  • A 5-month capacity building programme for 20 startups & SMEs.

Athens, 2 November 2022 – If you are looking to accelerate your business, you are at the right place!  

The EVOLVED-5G ( project has designed a targeted start-up acceleration programme partnering with leaders of the industry.
💻 Join us on Tuesday, 8 November at 16:00 (CET)
to learn about the accelerator, how 5G technology can serve as a business enabler, and how to submit your application on Vestbee’s platform. 

This 1-hour session will take place via Zoom. 5G technology knowledge is not required to participate in this session.
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 About the EVOLVED-5G Accelerator: 

The EVOLVED-5G Accelerator is open for SMEs and Start-ups in Europe.  

The 5-month acceleration programme includes:  

  • Business Training & Support  
  • Coaching on Accessing Funding Opportunities  
  • Networking & Access to Digital Experts 
  • Access to Members of the EVOLVED-5G Project  

Deadline: 30 November 2022
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About Envolve Entrepreneurship:

Envolve is an entrepreneurship support organization, founded by the Libra Group in 2012. It provides education, resources, and award programs for startup businesses globally. The organization encompasses the former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) – programs that have declared 67 winners since 2012, supporting job creation and economic growth in Greece and the US. Striving for a global society where all business owners can prosper and grow, Envolve is committed to developing and cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems by ensuring business support services are more readily available to entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Envolve, please visit


About EVOLVED-5G Project

The EVOLVED-5G project consortium brings together 21 partners: 3 research and academic institutions, 11 SMEs, 6 industrial partners, and 1 entrepreneurship accelerator, from 9 countries around Europe, namely Spain, France, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Italy, and Luxembourg.  

Specifically: Telefonica, Demokritos, Gruppo Maggioli, Atos, Intrasoft International, Cosmote, Lenovo, Envolve, Universidad de Malaga, Universitat Politecnica De Valencia, GMI AERO, internet institute, CAFAn InQbit, FOGUS, INFOLYSIS, EIGHTBELLS, PΛL ROBOTICS, Qucomm, IMMERSION and UNMANNDED Life. 

The EVOLVED-5G is co-founded by the European Union.