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Health Innovation to All

Envolve’s first dedicated HealthTech accelerator in partnership with EIT Health.

At medagoraXL, we envision a world where health tech pioneers are empowered to turn their dreams into reality, revolutionizing healthcare for all and enriching lives across the globe, with innovation as our compass.  Our transformative journey accelerates progress, driving innovation and improving healthcare for a brighter future and enhanced well-being worldwide.

medagoraXL is open to academia and researchers seeking for upskilling and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, and to startups and tech companies offering solutions in the healthtech and medtech sector.

Fostering healthtech transformation and synergies

About medagoraXL

medagoraXL is a Greek health tech accelerator that connects academia, startups, healthcare, and patients, offering tailored support and targeted initiatives to enhance entrepreneurial skills, build startup teams, facilitate fundraising, and optimize healthcare workflows.

Our overarching goal is to foster innovation and deliver solutions that empower patients, improve healthcare experiences, and contribute to the growth of the Greek health tech industry.

Our initiatives focus on enhancing entrepreneurial skills, building robust startup teams, facilitating fundraising, commercializing innovations, developing effective go-to-market strategies, conducting market research, and optimizing healthcare workflows to improve patient care and minimize errors.

Our overarching goal is to foster innovation and deliver solutions that empower patients, improve healthcare experiences, and contribute to the growth of the Greek health tech industry.

medagoraXL is co-funded by EIT Health. 


open innovation funnel

Upskilling & Business Acceleration

We accelerate research startup teams and connect them to the agora. We will organize actions focusing on the key actors of the health tech sector:

Application Submission


End April - May 2024



 June - July 2024

Main Acceleration


September -October 2024

Open Day


October 2024

Go to the Market


October - November 2024

transforming regions

Why HealthTech

Life-sciences is the dominant sector in the national Greek startup registry, Elevate Greece. Even though regulations have lifted allowing spin-offs and IP commercialization, the academic sector is struggling to find a link to “agora”, the market.

Following multiple crises and a recession which dominated the global headlines, patients see a great decline in public healthcare providers and innovative solutions. The healthtech industry is searching for test-beds and adoptions by clinics and practitioners.

Research communities drive regional growth, with major innovation hubs spanning across 6 different cities.

medagoraXL will serve as a nexus to accelerate entrepreneurial mindset and real-economy applications in the healthtech industry.

Our team

The Consortium

A diverse consortium with a strong presence in the European innovation ecosystem.

RInnoValleys partners are:

Latest news

1st Peer Learning Event in Barcelona

– Innovation stakeholders from Greece, Catalonia-Spain, Malta, Hungary, Belgium and Ireland join forces to connect DeepTech startups with the European innovation ecosystem.

– In Barcelona the first peer learning event hosting 26 representatives of the EU innovation ecosystem. 

tools & learning

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for tools, workshops and discussions.

Service Design Workshop

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Service Design
for the Tourism Industry Toolkit: Blueboost

Blueprint Upscaling Tourism Services


medagoraXL was designed and developed during the EIT Health DRIVE Program, a training program for innovation ecosystem development, targeting the HealthTech Sector. This program was organized by EIT Health Innostars, was powered by TU Delft and co-funded by the European Union, hosted online and in-person trainings and mentoring, visiting innovation centers in the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary. 

6 startup support organizations from Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia and Croatia were members of the 2023 EIT Health Drive program.

EIT Health is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.



medagoraXL through EIT Health Drive's eyes

SInce its establishment in 2012, Envolve Entrepreneurship has funded and supported dozens HealthTech startups with global presence through its former annual award programs, Envolve Award Greece, its various acceleration programs for EU startups, as well as other founders support initiatives. 

Envolve introduces medagoraXL, a targeted acceleration program for the sector, connecting industry experts and helping research-based startups reach market validation and investment opportunities. 

With EIT Health DRIVE program, we had the opportunity to connect with robust and well advanced innovation ecosystems. We emphasize on the importance of addressing the challenges in the health sector envisioning to revolutionize healthcare connecting the dots in the ecosystem. 

Learn more about our journey through the eyes of EIT Health DRIVE program.