October 2020 Envolve USA Newsletter

This past month, we celebrated National Women’s Small Business Month. Did you know that 55% of our Envolve Award USA winners are women-owned? Make sure to check out Our Universe section below for November events with Carolyn Pitt from Film Connx and Tinia Pina from Re-Nuble, both women-owned and founded businesses.

We also launched the Small Business Voter Mini-Series on Instagram Live with IssueVoter, bringing you a week of episodes featuring information on tax reform, labor laws, federal deregulation, post COVID-19 economy, and more! IssueVoter’s team compiled research directly from the candidates and their campaign materials, including statements from campaign websites, public statements made by candidates, and campaign and party platforms. Supplemental information was drawn from government committees, think-tanks, and news sources. All presented information was delivered through a non-partisan lens through daily, digestible 15-minute Instagram Live sessions. Check out our Advocacy section below to learn more!

And don’t forget that Global Entrepreneurship Week is next month from November 16-22! We will be joining Black & Brown Founders, Generation Titans, and Splash Coworking on a virtual stage to highlight the experiences of entrepreneurs in America in Decolonizing Capital. If representation, accountability, and measurable impact are important to you – you won’t want to miss this event on November 19th! Stay tuned for more information to register for this event.

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