Quizdom Education – HEA 2017 Winner

With more than 2,000,000 downloads in Greece and a popular TV game show, Quizdom (www.quizdom.com) started life as a trivia game for mobile devices and is now transforming itself into an e-learning platform. In Quizdom Education, students can learn and prepare for tests and exams by playing tailored quizzes against friends and fellow students. The questions are based on past and current exam syllabuses. Combining technology and entertainment, Quizdom Education aims to make learning both fun and effective by using the success factors of the original Quizdom game.

Applicants: Christos Tsounis, Triantafyllos Xylouris, Konstantinos Ploumidakis, Valentina Marousopoulou, Pavlos Rizos, Aristeidis Moiras.