Envolve Entrepreneurship at sTARTUp Day in Tartu: A Journey of Innovation, Inclusivity, and Global Collaboration

Envolve Entrepreneurship at sTARTUp Day in Tartu: A Journey of Innovation, Inclusivity, and Global Collaboration

Athens, 1 February 2024 –Envolve Entrepreneurship recently had the honor of participating in sTARTUp Day in Tartu, Estonia, where our colleague, Christina Skoubridou, represented our organization as a jury member of the Creative Industries Pitching Competition.

Christina’s role as a jury member involved evaluating innovative startup pitches within the creative industries sector. With her expertise and keen eye for entrepreneurship, she provided valuable insights and feedback to participating startups, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of collaboration and innovation at sTARTUp Day.

One particularly memorable moment was when Christina had the privilege of presenting an award on behalf of Envolve Entrepreneurship to Audio Cats, an Estonian startup dedicated to making video games accessible to individuals with visual impairments. Their groundbreaking work exemplifies the intersection of innovation and inclusivity, and Christina expressed admiration for their commitment to creating meaningful impact through technology.

In addition to her role as a jury member, Christina engaged in networking and discussions with fellow entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders, further strengthening Envolve Entrepreneurship’s connections within the global startup ecosystem. Her participation underscored Envolve’s ongoing commitment to supporting and celebrating entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Overall, sTARTUp Day in Tartu provided a dynamic platform for collaboration, idea-sharing, and recognition of innovative startups, and Christina’s involvement as a jury member was a testament to Envolve Entrepreneurship’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship and driving positive change worldwide.

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About Envolve Entrepreneurship:  

Envolve Entrepreneurship is a business support organization that has been at the forefront of global entrepreneurial support since its establishment, in 2012. The organization champions founders and ignites innovation through an open startup ecosystem founded on efficiency, transparency, and growth. Envolve acts as an innovation and knowledge hub, offering cutting-edge upskilling, valuable resources, support for founders, and impactful innovation and digital transformation services to the global community. 

Nurturing the next generation of global disruptors, Envolve re-introduces its flagship program, EnvolveXL, building upon the proven track record of the former Envolve Awards, in Greece and in the USA. In Greece, the program has fuelled the growth of 37 businesses and has injected over €6,000,000 into the economy, while fostering job creation and economic welfare. 

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