Why Your Startup Needs An Advisory Board

The best investment a startup can make early on, may be the selection of its advisory board.

Investor Alicia Syrett is the Founder/CEO of Pantegrion Capital, a seed and early stage investment firm. She serves on the Board of New York Angels and as an Instructor in Steve Blank’s Lean Launchpad course at Columbia University. She’s vocal in her support of women-lead emerging tech companies — mentoring and guiding them on how to grow and scale as well as finding ways to connect them to the people (mentors, investors, media) who can make all the difference in their growth trajectory. Alicia’s latest effort focuses on startup advisory boards: Point 25 Initiative launching in June matches women-led companies with prospective advisors for their advisory boards. The ‘Point 25’ name of this initiative comes from the equity incentive of 0.25% that an advisor typically receives as compensation for being on a startup’s advisory board. The initiative is grounded in the belief that while money does play a large part in determining the success of early stage companies, it is not the only success factor and having the right network of experienced advisors can really propel a business forward.

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