Rodi Pharmaceuticals operates in the fertility healthcare sector having developed a series of highly innovative products that address female infertility.  The products, which comprise of mainly natural ingredients, are the result of many years of clinical trials, followed by international patent filings, granted and pending.   

Rodi Pharmaceuticals’ upcoming product lines, which are at the final research stage, include products for the enhancement of male fertility, as well as prescription drugs for the regulation of immune and metabolic disorders. 


Applicants:  Barbara Geladakis, Dora Vardis, George Deligiannis, Dr. Youla Leftherioti Barla, Maria Goutsou, Senator Lou Raptakis, Dr.Christine Warnke, Χ.Balamotis, Silda Wall Spitzer, Eric Stangvik, S.Chaimandos 

Our vision is Rodi to become a leading company, representing as a brand the infertility sector.

RODI Pharmaceuticals

Rodi Immune helps balance the immune system to prevent miscarriages. On the other hand, Rodi Balance improves egg quality by regulating female fertility hormones.

RODI Pharmaceuticals

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