The Countdown has Begun for the Entrepreneurship Competition, Envolve Award Greece 2022 – Applications Submission by March 8th

The Countdown has Begun for the Entrepreneurship Competition, Envolve Award Greece 2022 – Applications Submission by March 8th

  • One month left for the submission of applications.
  • Startups and innovative teams can claim funding of up to 50.000€, guidance and business support services.


Athens, Greece – February 8, 2022: The countdown has begun for the entrepreneurship competition, Envolve Award Greece 2022, of Envolve Entrepreneurship ( Startups and innovative businesses in Greece have the opportunity to participate in this year’s anniversary competition, regardless of the industry in which they operate. By submitting an application by March 8, 2022, the participants compete for up to 50.000€ funding, business support services, as well as mentorship for the implementation of their business ventures. Participation in Envolve Award Greece 2022 takes place online, through the secure Envolve application platform

The organization also organizes the “Envolve Open Days”, where those interested, as well as participants, can book an appointment with the Envolve team for an online meeting. During these meetings, the Envolve team offers helpful tips for participation in Envolve Award Greece 2022, along with advice on their next steps of the entrepreneurial journey. Those interested can book their appointment online at

Envolve Entrepreneurship, celebrating 10 years of support towards innovative entrepreneurship, invites entrepreneurs and teams to submit their business proposals. Since its establishment in 2012, by the Libra Group, on behalf of The Hellenic Initiative, Envolve Award Greece has received applications from more than 8,000 teams and has awarded 34 winners.  These companies, operating in 19 sectors, have created over 2,000 jobs, have attracted investments of over €260 million and their total value exceeds €850 million.

Envolve Award Greece is supported by dozens of organizations, both in Greece and in the USA. Supporters of the award in Greece are organizations such as Amazon Web Services, Alexander Innovation Zone, Antidote, Atraktos, Atradius, Ensemble,, I.A.D.R.,, the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (iED), Intracom Telecom, Ioannis Vassardanis & Partners Law Form, Jalouise PTY LTD, LANCOM,  Lykourezos Law Offices, Microsoft, People for Business, 1Business World, Performance Coaching, Prisma Consulting, Reed Smith, SAP Hellas, V + O Communication, Veltio, Vestbee and White Room.

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About Envolve Entrepreneurship:
Envolve Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship support organization, founded by Libra Group on behalf of the Hellenic Initiative. It provides resources, education and award programs for start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs worldwide. The organization incorporates the former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA) – programs that have named 64 winners since 2012, supporting job creation and the economic development of Greece and the USA. Envolve aims to create a global community where all entrepreneurs can thrive and grow, and seeks to cultivate and expand entrepreneurship ecosystems, ensuring the availability of business support services to all entrepreneurs.

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About Libra Group:
Libra Group is an international private group of companies, operating in 35 countries, on six continents. It focuses on six key areas: aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping and diversified investment. The group is wholly owned by the Logothetis family.

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