Anastasis Stamatis

CEO, Dataphoria

About Anastasis Stamatis

A green tech entrepreneur, merges his expertise in technology, engineering and advocacy to create impactful solutions for climate change. Through his startup, Dataphoria, he assists cities and businesses in harnessing ESG data for sustainable decision-making. He has served as the 2021-2022 Curator for the Global Shapers Athens Hub, a World Economic Forum initiative, and is a founding member of “Let’s Do It Greece,” successfully rallying 1% of the nation’s population for environmental action. Anastasis has been trained as a Climate Reality Leader by VP Al Gore and designated as an EU Climate Pact Ambassador, remaining steadfast in his commitment to a sustainable future.


ESG Strategy, ESG Data Collection and Analytics, ESG Performance Improvement, Carbon Footprint, Impact Assessment


  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Mentor