Antonis Mylonas

Director of Technology solutions, Programize

About Antonis Mylonas

Passionate technologist with 20 years of experience in transforming ideas to innovative products. Antonis studied Electrical and Computer Engineering in the NTUA and started his career as a software engineer. Straight out of university he was the cofounder of a (now long gone) startup, aiming to offer better than the industry standard, TV ratings prediction services. After a long tenure in corporate software engineering, in 2014, he made a pivotal return to startup work and hasn’t left since! As a co-founder and CTO of various startups, he has navigated a broad spectrum of the challenges a startup will need to address—from setting up a team, developing products, solving unique market problems, in an ever shifting environment, to securing VC fundraising cycles . At Programize, Antonis is the Director of Technology Solutions aka working hand-in-hand with exciting startups, from all over the world, to help them design, architect and bring to life life changing ideas, utilising Programize’s cutting edge and broad technology expertise. Leveraging his wide range of experience, he is also leading the Startup Investing arm of Programize, which aims to provide support to innovative teams.


Software Engineering Product Management & Ideation Fund Raising Angel Investing.


  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Mentor