Evagelos Sideris

Personal & Executive Coach


About Evagelos Sideris

Evangelos is a certified Personal & Executive Coach (ICF) and an accounting executive, based in Thessaloniki. He works with individuals, organizations and businesses, aiming at their personal and professional development and empowerment.

His own journey of personal development as well as his professional experiences in the coaching and business world, led him to the firm belief that the key to growth – both professionally and personally- lies in the ability to manage our relationships, primarily the one we shape with ourselves.

Services Provided to Envolve Award Greece Winners

Through tailored coaching sessions, Evagelos will help start-ups and individuals, work on self-awareness and achieve their development goals. More specifically, he will support young entrepreneurs, with a focus on the following:

  • Development of interpersonal skills and unlocking potential
  • Support in target setting and achieving goals
  • Team management and conflict management
  • Cultivation of leadership skills