The new meeting point of the Greek startup ecosystem

The new meeting point of the Greek startup ecosystem

“START your night UP”, on the first Wednesday each month at Yoleni’s

Athens, 10 October 2018 – Last Wednesday afternoon the 1st START your night UPmeet-up, curated by Envolve Entrepreneurship, was held successfully at Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center. Dozens of members of the startup community attended the meet-up.


The first “START your night UP” meet-up which took place in the heart of Athens at Yoleni’s, was an ideal chance for networking in a laid-back environment. In a very special place, which has been closely tied with the Greek startup ecosystem, Envolve Entrepreneurship brought together vibrant people, who dream to drive the classic business development model one step further, by utilizing innovative ideas and groundbreaking suggestions.

“START your night UP” meet-ups will be organized every first Wednesday of each month at 18:30, at Yoleni’s Greek Gastronomy Center. Envolve Entrepreneurship’s team, that is curating these meet-ups, aims to bring together everyone that is interested in the fascinating world of startups and innovative businesses (entrepreneurs, funds, professionals and teams). The meet-ups, which will serve as networking opportunities is an activity categorized under Envolve’s “Resources” pillar. Envolve will leverage its relationships throughout the startup ecosystem to provide a meeting platform for aspiring/existing entrepreneurs. Envolve hopes this opportunity will provide a glimpse into the startup community and help individuals expand their network.

The goal of the team is to establish those meet-ups as the new meeting point of the Greek ecosystem, creating an easy-going environment for everyone to not only exchange ideas and interesting conversations, but also pave the way for prospective partnerships and collaborations.


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